Monitor Web Applications

Fact - Your company’s website is the main external layer that malicious actors will discover before attacking your company.


This is the first gate for the majority of users who want to learn more about your company. 

Make sure that this gate won’t fail in the aspects of web security.

MagniSec provides monitoring capabilities to assess a web application’s security posture.


Ensure to secure your web application assets as well as your network.

Perform security tests in noninvasive techniques for your website and third-parties. Inspect web application security readiness by performing stealth-mode assessment of any related to your organization websites.

MagniSec will alert and provide you with immediate remediation 24/7 and get immediate detection of vulnerabilities and web misconfigurations.
MagniSec remediation plan will assist you to mitigate threats and to improve your overall web security status.

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