Magnisec Suite
Magnisec Suite

MagniSec Suite

MagniSec offers full IT/Cybersecurity suit which contains a variety of features that will instantly improve the security level while downsizing of the overall costs:

Information Security and IT Hardening 

IT maintenance operations and Cybersecurity methodologies enforcement have become critical for most organizations as the main mission for any IT department. 

Infrastructure hardening processes are vital part of any company security methodology. On the other hand, sometimes, these tasks may be complicated and time consuming. 

Therefore, MagniSec provides clients with a set of tools that will minimize time consumption of IT and Security teams , infrastructure downtimes and budget requirements.

FixMe - automated pro-active remediation and hardening solutions. Perform security flaw prevention by one click. 

  • Save Budget 
  • Save Time 
  • Instant Remediation

Rollback - In case that something went wrong while performing FixMe, just apply Rollback feature on the following issue.

Every FixMe action is logged and reversible to the previous state.

Ignored Issues - Align MagniSec with your company’s infrastructure logic

Ignore irrelevant findings in order to make it more accurate according to your requirements

Fixing History - Log history of all actions in order to troubleshoot easily any issue or event.

Monitored Web Applications - Test your web application cybersecurity posture level and be able to assess your third-parties websites 


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