Magnisec FAQ

MagniSec provides automated quick and easy implementation that will improve organizational security posture and assist to comply with any possible information security standard. Immediate detection of cybersecurity related issues or vulnerable software will provide a clear and sharp picture of the current infrastructure status. With one-click remediation solutions it is possible to improve cybersecurity readiness level in no time.

MagniSec security flaws and vulnerability processes are totally passive. Almost no additional traffic will be caused. No brute-forcing or accidental denial of services will be caused.

In order to improve clients login credentials security, MagniSec supports and strongly recommends to activate multi factor authentication(MFA) solution. Every client will be able to apply this option in order to harden and add aגג layer of security to the authentication phase.

Zero maintenance. After short and easy installation, no additional maintenance is required. Fully automated and seamless updates will ensure zero maintenance work.

Detecting security issues is a must. However, it is not enough. Prompt response and remediation are required. MagniSec is helping to detect & react in an almost immediate way.

Magnisec offers a lifetime free plan with a lot of abilities. Providing powerful capabilities to Security and It teams No obligation of any kind. Improve cybersecurity readiness of the organization. See the whole picture of your organization. Harden organizational hardware. Identify out-of-date software. Discover vulnerable software. Detect weaknesses in websites and web applications.

Fill our request for free plan form and shortly after that we will be in touch with you. You can find it at: Contact Us . Our product is suitable for any organization with IT environment.

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